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If you are a large enterprise sitting on a large data sets and huge amount of data, it is time to engage our data science team to evaluate what are the possibilities with AI.

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Here Are The Steps...

Milestones of Data Science

Data Science is Similar to Making Dinner

Before Cooking,
1 ) Do you have the ingredients in the fridge ( is the data available? )
2 ) Do we need to chop the vegetables and remove skin from the meat?
    (data cleaning ? etc)

Data, just like food

1 ) Accessing the data… getting to the store
2 ) Understanding what’s in it… going to the correct aisles
3 ) Making it usable for your data analytics tools… ensuring edibility

Why data requires cleaning?

1 ) Data type ( string to integer ) $2,000 => 2000
2 ) Validity of the data ? Why item costs -$1 ?
3 ) Data consistency ( RM or RMB )

Feature Engineering...

Creating new data from raw data to uncover more insights and improve the accuracy of the model

- Use Weather to improve sales revenue prediction ( Refer to Fig. 1 )
- Derive other feature for other machine learning ( Refer to Fig. 2 )

Fig. 1
Fig. 2


Allows insights from data to be viewed easily.

Visualisations make big and small data easier for the human brain to process, and also makes it easier to detect patterns, trends, and outliers in groups of data.

Sales Revenue Prediction

Visualisation of the trend, yearly and weekly sales revenue.

It gives the business owners the ability to compete with greater intensity to know their upcoming sales revenue based on predictive analysis.

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

Customer profiling

An example of a raw data used in customer profiling shown in Fig. 3

After running the model, we obtain the following output with the customers’ frequency, recency and monetary value shown in Fig. 4

Order Ahead

By giving your customers the ability to order ahead before arriving at your outlet, you can shorten the average waiting time and time spent at your establishment, thus improving overall customer satisfaction and increasing the number of customers per day.


(available in Q2 2020)

Let your customers reserve tables without the noise from incoming calls at your establishment! When your customers can reserve their tables via the SuperApp, they’ll be able to choose their favourite tables to sit at.


(available in Q3 2020)

Promote your brand by engaging customers with enjoyable mini-games. These games can offer rewards and promotional coupons to add further extrinsic value to your customers’ experience with your brand, thus improving on your sales.


Actionable Insights

With sales revenue prediction and customer profiling, we will be able to...

1 ) Understand our business better ( e.g business is bad on Wednesday )
2 ) Improve our business ( e.g better promotions on Wednesday )
3 ) Plan our marketing activities
    ( e.g based on our customer profiling, ladies in their 20s spend more )

Report - Sales Summary

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Smart POS to Manage Customer Orders and Engagement

Menu - Items

A list of products and services choices offered to customers and the prices that may be ordered or can be served.

Menu - Modifier

Item modifiers allows you to customize or add variations to menu items by additional options used to change, add to, or further define items that are being ordered/when placing an order.

Menu - Bundle

Product bundling allows merchants to group two or more products or services together, into a single bundle at a discount price. This encourages customers to purchase more products.

Menu - Open Item

An empty product listing that allows cashiers to create a new item on the fly. Simply enter the custom name and price to create an item on the POS. This is useful for merchants to ring up products and services that are not included in the menu.

Offer Savings with Member Rewards and Prepaids

Prepaids - Store Credits

Store credit allows customers to purchase a certain number of credits at a value lower than its original value.

For instance, merchants can offer a Store Credit plan worth $55 for the price of $50. This incentivises customers to purchase and enjoy greater savings, and use their store credit for future purchases.

Prepaids - Packages

Packages are a bundle of products and services grouped together as a single package. This form of price bundling allows merchants to sell a set of products and services at a lower price, then they would charge if customers bought the items separately.

Customers can simply purchase a package and redeem the items whenever they wish.

Prepaids - Gift Cards

(Q3 2020)

Gift cards are a form of prepaid card with a stored value for future purchases.

Prepaids - Vouchers

(Q3 2020)

Prepaid vouchers are a means of buying goods and services from your establishment in advance, where these vouchers can then be later exchanged for goods and services.

Run Promotions and Discounts

Promotion - Line Item Discount

A discount that is applied to a single product in an order, in which is convenient when it comes to creating a sales deal by adding a discount to line item individually.

Promotion - Buy X get Y Free

One of Butleric’s popular promotion rules, “ Buy X get Y Free '' encourages your customers to buy more items, boosting your sales revenue.

For example (Buy 3 items get 1 item free). Configurations to set which item to be the “free” one, are available in the backend settings.

Promotion - Custom Discount (cart)

With this promotion, you may offer cart-wide discounts to your customers for a specific time window, thus boosting interest in your brand, and enhancing long term sales performance.

Collect Data, Gain Insights and Create Actions


Every long term brand comes with their own style of membership programme, and so should you! With a membership system in place, you’ll be able to tell who your most loyal customers are, thus allowing you to reward them, thus giving them a reason to stay loyal.

Member - Price & Discounts

With an integrated price and discount system for members, your members can automatically enjoy special prices and discounts made only for members, be it on the SuperApp or at your establishment itself.

POS and SuperApp would automatically apply a profile-wide discount (if you have been set up with any at the Backend).

Member - Auto upgrade and downgrade

(Q4 2020)

With the automatic upgrade and downgrade system for memberships, your members will be able to be upgraded automatically once they reach specific thresholds that would be defined by you, thus minimizing the amount of active member management.

Restaurant - Table Orders

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