Problems We Are Solving

With the intention to solve the problems for merchants, it is important for us to focus on the main challenges in the market. After collecting so much feedback from different stakeholders especially merchants, we have concluded the top 5 common issues that almost all merchants would face and find no solution for it.

#1 Too make silo systems

Too many silo systems making data analysis almost impossible It has been so common that almost every merchant who came to us and complained about having too many silo systems in the business that are not integrated.

This causes the database to be incomplete in each system and causing the analysis for the business performance very tough and inaccurate, which is a huge concern for most of the merchants. Most of the complaints is regarding POS, loyalty program and payments are not integrated.

One example is silo loyalty program records loyalty behaviour but business owners are not able to tell the purchasing history and preferences of the customer as it is not integrated to the POS.

Solution for #1 :

Platform As A Service From the first day when the founding team started the idea of Butleric, we know this is the main issue to solve in the market as we have constantly received such feedback.

This is also the reason why we have developed the platform including POS, Member Rewards Program, Inventory Management connected to one database that creates a complete picture of the business and end users.

Furthermore, one of the strategies to increase reliability of the platform, is to integrate with those popular payment methods, like Credit/ Debit cards and e-wallets. Merchants using our solution today, is able to tell whoever end user’s purchasing behaviour, preferences, spending habits, spending pattern, etc because all these data is integrated.

#2 Human Error for payments

Inevitable human error for payments As payment methods other than cash are usually not integrated to the POS, it is inviting lots of human errors keying in the wrong amount for payments.

As the current practise on the ground is very manual, one of the examples being credit card terminal, cashier needs to confirm the amount to be collected in the POS and selecting the payment method followed by keying in the exact amount in the credit card terminal before processing with the credit card, this often creates error in choosing wrong payment method and entering the wrong payment amount. These have been causing business losses for merchants.

However, there were not many POS companies willing to integrate with different payment solutions as it requires skillful system integrators and time consuming to ensure minimal errors after integrated.

Solution for #2 :

Integrated Payment Platform It is clearly a mismatch of the solution and expectations from business owners in the market. This is also the reason why Butleric always seek for collaboration with the most used payment methods in each country before entering the market. With the successful integration, the platform enables business owner to just activate whichever payment methods that are acceptable in the respecting business.

There will be at least sixty six payment wallets, Visa, Master, etc. for the merchants to activate, achieving the intention of minimizing the human errors. Cashier will no longer need to key in the amount in the terminal nor end users need to key in the amount in their wallet for payment. Integration enables the system to just project the amount required to pay after cashier choosing the payment method on the POS, the amount will be shown on the credit card terminal or end user’s wallet after scanning the dynamic payment QR showing on the POS customer display rather than the static payment QR.

#3 Raw Data Report

Having raw data as report is painful for business owners. It was commonly reported that there are a lot of POS providing raw data or just simple sales summary as a daily report. This made business owner tough in understanding their business but need to create their own tables or graphs that they are able to visualise the trend of the business.

Solution for #3 :

Research-based charts and graphs in various reports. We designed the reports in a way that it is easy for business owners to understand how is the business doing on the fly with simple graphs, charts and tables.

We have our data scientists researched and analysed the best way to present those raw numbers in easily understood diagram so it helps our merchants to save time in analysing raw data. We also provide actionable reports for merchants to help them making decisions quicker and more efficient in improving the business.

#4 How to get more sales?

How can we sell our products online without paying high commission? As shopping online has become so conveniently available after all the e-commerce platforms have immersed in the past 3 years, this is a new opportunity all merchants are hungry about.

Most of the merchants will allow their customers to shop in these platforms due to large number of users available, however, they all complained about the same issues, which is the commission for each sales can be as high as 38%.

On top of that, the customer database is usually belongs to the platform and not the merchants, which make it difficult for them to engage the customer for recurring business in the future. According to the merchants, being present in those e-commerce these days are just for marketing purpose but not earning profits out of those sales.

Solution for #4 :

Everyday Business Super App is the solution for a lot of our merchants. As a value add to the POS, it enables end users to use the merchant’s Super App to place an order and make payment easily inside and outside of the shop. This has changed the purchasing behaviour of end users and helped merchants in reducing operation manpower as well.

As Everyday Business Super App helps in many different aspects, one of the main reasons we developed this is to enable merchants to drive their business from offline to online. Today, merchants who are implementing this to their business, enables their customers to shop online whether they are in or out of the shop. Most importantly, end users will have to make payment first to place their orders. This creates a seamless experience in shopping and making payments online, don’t forget that they earn rewards straight after each order!

With our system having personal data policy compliances, these database is co-own by both the merchants and Butleric, this enables merchants to engage their previous customers directly, allowing them to retain their regulars with promotions and events anytime. This has successfully helped merchants to open up a new and large market. All our merchants now have both offline and online opportunity in getting more business.

#5 How to engage with existing customers?

Are we able to reach out to our customers? We all know that cost to retain a customer is at least 60% - 70% lower than acquiring a new customer. However, all the merchants were complaining about the challenges in retaining their regulars because they have no way to engage their customers. There were two main reasons here, one being whether the system is personal data policy compliance.

If this is not, basically it is pointless of collecting customer contact details because it is not allowed to be used for marketing purposes (this applies to most of the countries but not all countries). Secondly being whether the system has the features to allow merchants engaging the database, based on the feedback from the market, it seems like this is not the case.

Solution for #5 :

Integrated Marketing Module in the system enables merchant to easily engage their customers. Merchants are able to trigger a promotional SMS directly to the end users without worrying about personal data protection compliance because we have that properly managed already. If merchants have subscribed to our Recommender Bibi, we are able to provide some marketing recommendations that ease out merchant’s difficulties in planning effective promotions.

It becomes so quick and efficient as merchants will just have to confirm the recommended marketing strategies that they agree to implement. There are various ways to engage the regulars as well, including SMS, email and notification through Everyday Business Super App.

This creates a seamless purchasing experience for end users because being notified in the Everyday Business Super App regarding the promotion, they are able to secure their purchasing without going down to the shop with a few simple steps in the Super App immediately.