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November 12, 2019

Team Butleric has been going strong since its very first hire in February - we've expanded our local family to 13  and counting! To celebrate this journey we've been on so far and to help everyone get to know each other better, we decided to organise a day full of team building activities - a mini company retreat of sorts.

The day started off with a literal bang as the door to the escape room slammed shut and we found ourselves trapped in a small, dark space with creepy music playing in the background and challenging puzzles to solve.  Thanks to the sharp, analytical minds on our team and a strong sense of teamwork, we eventually managed to crack all the codes and escape from The Purge with just a minute or two to spare!

However, we didn't get much time to rest our brains (and our bodies), because we were quickly ushered into the next escape room - Escape from Pulau Tekong. Perhaps it was the fact that the NS set-up was a familiar sight for the guys (albeit a much scarier version), or maybe we were already self-proclaimed experts after having just gone through one harrowing round - but we managed to get out in half the time! It was heartwarming to watch team members from different departments interact with one another and pitch in with their suggestions.

We were famished and fatigued after 2  hours back-to-back  in the escape rooms - thankfully, there were many lunch options nearby! After filling our tummies at Fish Tales, we headed off to our next destination - Shaw Towers. Our Assistant General Manager, Jamie, had purposely kept the second activity a surprise - the only thing she had revealed so far  to the team was that it would be "cool".

Well, it turned out to be a very accurate description - she had signed us up for an ice-cream making workshop at Tom's Palette! The owner gave us a brief introduction on the different techniques and ingredients used and even shared some trade secrets, before launching into a demonstration on how to make Horlicks ice-cream.  We then broke into pre-arranged pairs  to whip up our masterpieces!

There were plenty of giggles as we whisked, stirred and poured. It was a fresh experience for us all, and being foodies, we found it the perfect team activity! Communication and listening skills are especially important when you're creating something together, and some of us learnt that the hard way when we accidentally  poured the cream in the pan instead of separating it. Look at our Assistant General Manager, Jamie, and Developer, Beng Hui ! Judging by those bright smiles, we're positive that their sweet treat turned out well.

It was obvious how much everyone was enjoying themselves. We even had an ice cream buffet before moving on to the next recipe - chocolate ice cream!

All that ice cream was a little too much for even someone with the sweetest tooth to handle, though, so we brought our creations home.  Our team building day turned out to be a great success. At Butleric, we sincerely care for each and every one of our employees. If you've been following us on social media, you would have witnessed plenty of birthday celebrations, complete with cake! As we continue to grow, we'll be adding more members to our family - so keep an eye out for job openings! The next addition to Team Butleric could very well be you.

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