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November 22, 2019

On the 28th of May, GovTech held its annual Industry Briefing and shared plenty of information on new initiatives that the government will be rolling out, as well as what they have achieved so far.

The focus was on providing a seamless, paperless experience for all citizens that would also be secure and reliable. It seemed like GovTech’s efforts over the past year had paid off, with almost 70% of businesses and 80% of citizens reporting that they were satisfied with the government’s digital services. Most of them have said that they would recommend these services to others.

According to Mr. Kok Ping Soon, there are 3 shifts needed :

Build for Scale

Deliver as One

Live as Digital Native

GovTech has influenced pretty much all aspects of our lives and then some : for example, under Build for Scale, they will be launching the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP). One of the projects includes the Smart Lamp Post, which will be set up in One-North and Geylang. It can sense if a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) is moving past and at what speed - among other interesting uses, like being able to tell how many children are at the playground.

We also learnt more about the reach of MyInfo, which reduces the time spent filling in forms and going through paperwork. With 183 private sector digital services using it and over 2 million transactions per month, it seems like its impact has been sizeable. The app is also available to corporate users like DBS, UOB and OCBC. Through the implementation process, they realised that it was better to fail fast, fail cheap and pivot fast. Lucky for them, the product doesn’t seem to have failed - the banks reported an increase in app volume and decrease in abortion rates. MyInfo is part of GovTech’s idea of a National Digital Identity, which they see as a B2B2C model - with C standing for citizens. The point is to help connect businesses to potential customers.

Two up-and-coming startups (YouTrip and Osome) have recently adopted MyInfo as well, prompting Mr Kwok Quek Sin, Senior Director, National Digital Identity, GovTech to suggest that companies begin bootstrapping NDI and integrating it with their product.

Going back to the 1st shift of Building for Scale, GovTech aims to do this through micro-services meant to provide a better citizen experience. By being more aware of the entire customer journey, and meeting the needs of each citizen at specific points in their lives, it breaks down the existing silo system of most government agencies.

It seems like GovTech is on its way to fulfilling its mission of “Engineering Digital Government, Making Lives Better” and democratising digitalisation. There are plenty of opportunities for companies (like Butleric!) to play their part and co-develop solutions and projects alongside GovTech - this is an exciting time to be living in, as we embrace Industry 4.0!

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