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November 22, 2019

You probably wouldn’t expect an unassuming stall in the heartlands to be an early adopter of technology, but a visit to one of our clients in the North would prove you wrong. Our Butleric White Label POS Solution recently went live at 雞煲火鍋 Flaming Chicken Pot*, which is located in a Koufu coffee shop in Yishun. Last Friday, Team Butleric took the chance to see our product in action - and enjoy a hearty meal at the same time, of course.

雞煲火鍋 Flaming Chicken Pot's founders first chanced upon the concept of nose-to-tail dining (where every part of the chicken is used!) in Hong Kong and decided to introduce it to Singapore. They spent a year experimenting on the recipe before finally landing on the right combination that would guarantee customer satisfaction while reducing food waste. The result? Their delectable duo - the Black Pot (dry-style claypot chicken) and White Pot (with a rich, collagen-filled soup stock). By sticking to a limited number of portions daily (50 is the magic number) , they ensure that you enjoy only the freshest they have to offer.

Here is our sleek-looking dual-touch screen POS, which helps simplify the ordering process. You no longer have to put up with a crabby auntie barking at you for your order and jotting it down on a notepad. There's no chance of your order getting messed up too, because you can view and confirm your selections on the spot. All the transactional data collected will be stored in the cloud for Butleric’s AI to process and generate an actionable report. 雞煲火鍋 Flaming Chicken Pot can then use the data to predict sales trends, reduce wastage (by analysing the popularity of each product and producing less of whatever doesn’t sell)  and re-engage their customers.

We pride ourselves on picking partners with strong business potential - and after trying 雞煲火鍋 Flaming Chicken Pot’s signature dishes, there was no doubt that we had made the right choice. The chicken was juicy and tender, and by the end of the evening, Team Butleric had polished off pretty much everything on the table.

At Butleric, we:

- create value for clients, end users, business partners, employees, and our families.

- are a serious startup using Artificial Intelligence - our Data Scientists fill the gaps for businesses of all sizes.

- ensure that clients, end users, employees and partners stick to us for a long time.

- provide a safe environment for all stakeholders to fail, succeed and grow at the speed of light.

We’re dedicated to helping businesses achieve better results with suggestions backed up by actual data. Whether you run a food stall in a hawker centre or a cafe in the heart of the CBD, you can benefit from our solutions! Contact us today to discuss how we can address your business needs.

* 雞煲火鍋 Flaming Chicken Pot is located at Hiap Hoe Eating House, 747 Yishun Street 72, S760747. Thanks for having us over!

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