Published By: Butleric Marketing

November 18, 2019

When you first meet Jamie, it is hard not to notice her upbeat attitude and laser-like focus when it comes to work. These traits, coupled with a willingness to learn and strong technical skills, were what impressed our CEO so much that he promoted her from UX/UI Designer to Assistant General Manager after just 3 months.

Taking on more responsibilities when you’re still a relatively new member of the team may sound daunting, but Jamie’s past leadership experiences - as Vice-President (Community Service) of SMU Habitat for Humanity Singapore and Director of Publicity and Tech Projects at Tech for She - have given her the confidence boost needed to step up and take charge.

While the Singapore Management University Information Systems graduate admits feeling slightly nervous about the transition to a bigger role, she is equally excited to help fill in existing gaps in the company and create a better working environment for all.

Jamie stresses the importance of having a good mentor/boss. That was the deciding factor for her when it came to choosing companies to work for, and the reason why she picked Butleric in the end. During her interview, our CEO had asked her a technical question which she had trouble answering. His promise to teach her the necessary skills won her over, and the rest is history.

While the learning curve has been steep for Jamie (as is the case in all startups), she relishes the autonomy to make decisions for the company and its various projects. She has had plenty of opportunities to grow and learn - not just in terms of technical skills but soft skills as well. We’re sure that she will be able to handle her new role with aplomb, just as she has been doing all along. Congratulations, Jamie, and all the best!

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