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November 25, 2019

It all started in August 2018 when the 3 founders of Butleric (Ron Lee, Jun Teh and Phuc Truong) were approached by a friend, who ran a cafe, for advice on how to improve his business.

The trio realised that data collection and analysis was not being implemented in the cafe, making it a challenge to understand how the business was performing without important data such as hourly sales, item sales, category sales, customer lifetime value and customer behaviour.

The search for the right technological solution began. There was software in the market which helped to fulfil certain functions and also silo systems which required expensive integration, but no existing combination of the two. The founders realised there was a market gap that needed to be filled and Butleric was created to solve the problems of all business owners. As a one-stop AI platform as a service, the mission of the company was clear and simple - to make AI available to businesses of all sizes.

Butleric Smart POS, Everyday Business Super App, Analytics and AI backend were soon established to help the café owner (their friend) make good use of the data collected. The smart POS enabled a custom workflow which was suitable for service crew, while the Super App was the clear winner in getting customers to return again and again. The backend was driven by data which provided critical business insights.

Within the first month of adopting Butleric, the cafe saw a 50% increase in membership and revenue, and that was when they knew they were onto something big.

In October 2018, the founders made a bold move by competing with the cream of the crop in Artificial Intelligence in China. Against all odds, Butleric was crowned “Best Commercial Value” at iFlyTek’s Global AI Competition (1024) in Hefei, China, and became the first Singaporean company to be featured in CSDN, the leading tech community forum in China.

Using AI-powered solutions to collect and analyse customer data, Butleric solves common problems that all businesses face - regardless of the industry they are in. All Butleric merchants receive an Everyday Business Super App, smart POS and a sleek-looking backend which generates actionable sales reports and predictions. Our platform is powered by Google Cloud, the same cloud technology which runs Youtube, G Suite and the Google search engine. Butleric’s platform sits on top of Google Cloud with its own proprietary technology that scales across different markets quickly and easily. With Butleric, you can access huge amounts of actionable data instantly and make critical business decisions based on smart analytics that are built on-the-fly.

Butleric is growing from strength to strength with dedicated staff in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. We are committed to creating value for merchants, service providers and consumers through technology with our easily scalable business model. We are led by a strong team with diverse expertise. Our CEO, Ron Lee, possesses vast experience in building solutions for major retailers in Singapore and Southeast Asia. With a team of trusted engineers who have been with him for many years, he built the Butleric platform from scratch. Our CRO, Jun Teh, a certified dietitian, has single-handedly achieved more than half a million in revenue within 8 months. Here’s something interesting in the roadmap of Butleric’s technology: a feature which helps businesses gauge the stress levels of their ground staff with smart watches, so that they can prevent staff attrition due to high levels of stress. Jun will be championing this feature with Ron and together, they will be implementing it across merchants in months to come.

These are the products and services we offer:

AI Platform-as-a-Service

Our fully white-label AI Enterprise Solution is highly customisable - we’re here to meet your business needs and close any existing gaps you may have. You can collect valuable customer data seamlessly with our unique AI algorithm, which will quickly churn out actionable reports after the data has been analysed. With these accurate reports, you will be able to predict future sales trends and produce more of what has been proven to be popular. You can also reduce wastage by identifying what doesn’t sell as well and cutting down on production of those items.

Our AI Enterprise Solution is affordable and consumes little ready-made AI API in the market. We combine powerful Cloud Computing with our own algorithm to build our own AI engine.

Smart POS

Our smart POS, which is powered by Google Cloud, has already been implemented across several F&B outlets in Singapore and Malaysia. It offers a smooth, seamless customer payment experience with a personal touch and is PDPA-and-GDPR-compliant. Our smart POS can create live inventory status updates so that you’ll never have to face situations where your stocks are depleted. You’ll receive notifications to replenish your stock whenever it is running low.

Everyday Business Super App

Our Everyday Business Super App complements our POS system perfectly by allowing businesses to stay connected with their customers anywhere, anytime. Customers can use the Everyday Business Super App to place their favourite orders quickly and earn more rewards through gamification, thus increasing customer engagement. Leverage on data from the Everyday Business Super App to increase customer lifetime value and customer spending, and maintain positive customer sentiments towards your brand.

Our Everyday Business Super App also helps merchants go from offline to online, making it easier for them to market and sell their products even across borders.

Self-serve Platform for Merchants

An upcoming feature, the self-serve platform makes onboarding for new merchants a quick, painless process - from the usual 7 days to just 1.

It uses open API for partner integration. Different partners can write in quickly if they have services to offer, and it can be made available for our merchants almost immediately.

Customer retention is key. We ensure that your customers will keep coming back for more with an enticing rewards system that offers a personalised experience - complete with memberships, deals and promotions which are catered to their interests and needs.

Kitchen Display System(employee-facing)/ Queue System (customer-facing)

Once the order has been sent to the Kitchen Display System, kitchen crew in charge of preparing orders will see it on the screen. Once they are done with the order, they can mark it as a complete, and it will be sent to the completed tab. When they press the “Call Queue” button, customers will be able to see which queue number they are now serving. These two systems help to smoothen the entire ordering and preparation process, from the point when the customer places the order till the order is served to them. As for business owners, they will be able to tell the average preparation time for each order, and can work on ways to improve it.

Customer retention is key. We ensure that your customers will keep coming back for more with an enticing rewards system that offers a personalised experience - complete with memberships, deals and promotions which are catered to their interests and needs.

At present, we are poised to complete our Series A with our current pool of family offices and venture capitalists. We aim to expand our business in Southeast Asia with new funding, especially for our upcoming projects in China, Cambodia and Australia.

Some of our notable clients include: New Creation Church, Spinelli, Jones The Grocer and Stellar, an Australian company which handles call centre services for giants like Jetstar.

Butleric has grown from just a tiny team of 3 to a close-knit family of 30, ready to serve and create value for business owners everywhere, from SMEs to enterprises. We are actively hiring in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Our journey has just begun, and we are excited about what is to come!

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