Published By: Butleric Marketing

November 22, 2019

A chef starts off by sourcing for the freshest, best ingredients - similarly, a data scientist needs to know where their data is coming from and if it is of good quality. From there, just as a chef wouldn’t randomly toss everything into a bowl without a recipe, a data scientist has to have some sense of the project (s)he wants to embark on. What kind of insights can they cook up with the data that they have on hand? Through our AI Enterprise Solution and Everyday Business Super App, we can find out a customer’s preferences, based on their spending habits (average spend) and purchase history . This data assists merchants with inventory control - they can clear their stock by getting rid of products which aren’t as popular or even cease production if it’s obvious based on sales predictions that a certain item won’t sell well. Using Natural Language Processing, it is possible to find out customer sentiments too - just like how food reviews give you an idea of whether or not people actually enjoy your concoctions.

Of course, hygiene is of utmost importance, as any good chef worth his/her “A” grade from the Singapore Food Agency would know - data scientists should make the effort to clean their data as well before even attempting to start their project. This is to ensure accuracy. Once your data is clean and neatly organised, you can begin to whip up something special!

It is important to remember not to rush things. Even the world’s greatest chef (we’ll leave it to you to decide who that might be) can’t bake a cake in 10 minutes, and likewise you can’t expect a data scientist to provide you with accurate business insights without taking the time to comb through and process their data properly. At Butleric, our data scientists are trained to prepare “dishes” that are customised to suit your “taste buds” - if there are any questions you may need answers to, they’ll work with our unique AI algorithm to generate the sales insights and recommendations you need to take you from clueless-diner-who-would-eat-literally-anything to connoisseur. Talk to us today to find out more!

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