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November 22, 2019

Geri, founder and CEO of My NoNNa's Cafe

When you think of comforting home-cooked meals lovingly prepared by a family member, whose face comes to mind?

We’re willing to bet that the first person you thought of was probably your grandmother.

Geraldine (Geri), founder and CEO of My NoNNa’s Cafe, could not agree more. An ex-corporate highflier who visited Italy often, she realised that the best food was often found in the kitchens of lovely Italian nonnas (grandmothers). Inspired, she became a private chef as a hobby in an attempt to replicate the authentic cuisine she had enjoyed so much abroad. Her longing to start something meaningful and bring delicious ready-to-eat Italian food to our shores only grew, until eventually she quit her job to start her social enterprise.

My NoNNa’s Cafe employs intellectually disabled adults who have completed their education but struggle to find gainful employment. Did you know that even the logo was drawn by an intellectually disabled young man named Aldie? The equipment and services at My NoNNa’s are mostly sponsored by equally generous souls who believe in Geri's mission. Recently, however, she realised that it was time for an upgrade - to a system that would be easy for her staff to understand and implement.

Daniel's Food Diary, a well-known player in the food blogging industry, kindly offered to sponsor a new POS system powered by Butleric. The system is currently up and running, and we have put up a poster as well to celebrate our collaboration. Come July, the Kitchen Display system will be implemented so that Geri’s staff will be able to view large text and images while preparing the food - this lowers the risk of orders getting mixed up or staff getting confused.

Head on down to My NoNNa's at SUTD to witness the seamless experience for yourself! We're happy to have provided a solution to Geri's problems.

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