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January 3, 2020

#TeamButleric celebrating 2019 with some fried chicken goodness and bubble tea from our very first client, Woobbee!

In 2019, We built connections, expanded our knowledge and presented our ideas to many

Butleric has attended several events and conferences this year, including Start Me Up HK Festival 2019, Money20/20 Asia, Seamless Asia 2019, Innovfest Unbound 2019, RISE 2019, Google Cloud Summit 2019, Stay Ahead Of the Game in Retail and F&B (hosted by AddOn Systems) and Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF).

At RISE 2019, our CRO, Jun Teh, was interviewed by Freshket, a workflow-integrated marketplace for fresh food industry from Thailand. He introduced Butleric's products and services, existing presence, as well as our plans to expand into Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

The panel discussion (featured below) with Mambu and Cheers Wallet Engine at SFF was definitely a highlight as Jun shared about ButlerPay, with Cheers as our trusted Wallet-as-a-Service partner. This in-app wallet feature allows seamless transactions, which is key to customer engagement today. The feature is yet to be released, so stay tuned for that!

Our CRO, Jun Teh, with Gregor Arn (Co-founder & CEO, The Wallet Engine), Arish Khajotia (Co-founder & CGO, The Wallet Engine), Myles Bertrand (Managing Director APAC, Mambu) and Barry Hurley (Co-founder & COO, The Wallet Engine)

In 2019, We have been blessed with opportunities to work with these clients

In our most recent article, we shared about Butleric’s journey and how it was established to solve common challenges that all businesses face - regardless of the industry they are in. Today, our solutions are used by clients of various industries including Food & Beverages (F&B), Automobile, Offshore Customer Experience and even Non-Profit organisations.

From our first merchant, a healthy and premium tea brand Woobbee, our client base has broadened within a year. Today, our existing client base include My Nonna’s, Killiney Exchange, Flaming Chicken Hotpot, Club JOMO, Medifoods, Andy Western, Ifry, Auto Maxima, New Creation Church, Jones The Grocer and more.

In September 2019, we welcomed our dear friends from Stellar, a leading digital Customer Experience organisation headquartered in Australia. Despite our different industries, both companies found common ground such that we all strive to be data-driven. This opened up room for discussion over future collaborations and projects in the field of data science. How exciting!

#TeamButlericSingapore with Stephen (Chief Information Officer), Phil (Digital Technology Solutions Manager), Erica (General Manager) and Kelli Hayes (Chief Executive Officer) from Stellar Of course, we have many upcoming projects and clients lined up for 2020 and we are looking forward to serving more.

In 2019, We are thankful for our partners and investors who believed in our solutions

At present, we have completed our Seed stage and are moving into Series A with our current pool of family offices and venture capitalists.

We would like to welcome Joel Ong, our Seed Investor, and thank him for his support for us. He is now part of our Non-Executive Advisory Board, providing the founding team with development of strategy in managing the business.

In 2019, #TeamButleric grew into a family of 30

Our Singapore and Vietnam offices have grown as we continued searching for like-minded individuals to hustle and build something meaningful with. Our team expanded in the areas of Software Engineering, Data Science and User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) and we hope to have more talents joining our team next year (yes, we're hiring!).

In October 2019, we also welcomed Jamie, our UX/UI Designer, into the management team as she took on the role of Assistant General Manager.

Another highlight was our first Team Building Retreat in November 2019 to celebrate our journey together. Apart from fun and games, it allowed us to understand our colleagues better and to make ourselves a stronger team by learning how to collaborate effectively and deliver great work!

Also, not forgetting our new home at WeWork, 22 Cross Street! Psst, if you haven’t paid a visit to our office, you should!

Are you ready for 2020?

Because we sure are!

Our team has been working very hard in the past year to serve and create greater value for more businesses. We are also expanding our business in Southeast Asia with upcoming projects in Australia, Cambodia and China.

#TeamButleric is truly thankful and blessed for all the opportunities and challenges that we have gone through in 2019, for they have helped to shape Butleric’s growth today. So much has changed for us in just a year, and we can’t wait for you to be part of our growth in 2020!

Cheers to welcoming #2020withButleric!

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