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November 13, 2019

When AddOn Systems approached us to be a part of their inaugural event : "Stay Ahead of the Game in Retail and F&B", we readily agreed. After all, as a proud partner of theirs, we wanted to create value and contribute to the community. Our co-founder and CRO, Jun, introduced our company and products to the attendees, who hailed from well-known eateries such as : Wine Connection, Ministry of Food (MoF) and Altitude Holdings, which owns the Yoogane franchise here.  There were also a few guests from the retail sector, such as Resorts World Sentosa, Luxury City and Geox.

It was clear that the audience was very impressed by what Jun had to say - there were many nods around the room as he addressed common pain points which F&B and retail SME owners face and explained how Butleric's various solutions could help overcome them.  What won them over, as we later found out, was the sheer convenience of having a seamless, integrated all-in-one platform that could serve all their needs.

We didn't want these potential clients to just take our word for it - we wanted them to be able to witness the Butleric experience for themselves.  At this booth, attendees were free to ask us any questions and explore the POS and Super App on their own.

Thanks to Jun's charisma (along with the practical appeal and sleek design of our products, we're sure) , we managed to pull in quite a crowd at the booth. One owner of a small F&B business even lamented that he had just changed his POS system and was relying  on different companies for various aspects of his business : customer loyalty and engagement, sales transactions and the like.

Jun then demonstrated how each of Butleric's product offerings would be able to do the job - and more! With our unique AI algorithm, business owners can predict sales based on factors like the weather and time. There is no need for guesswork, as the data collected from customers and sales transactions will provide valuable insight into which products will sell better and which won't, hence reducing food wastage and costs.

Judging by the enthusiastic response we received at the event, it's safe to say that we will be equally welcomed in new markets such as Cambodia and China, which we are planning to enter very soon. If you are interested in working with us as a partner (like AddOn Systems), please drop us a note here. Potential investors may contact us here, as we gear up for our Series A funding round!

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