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November 22, 2019

Given that our main products include a point-of-sale system and Everyday Business Super App (which both involve payments and collection of customer data), it definitely made sense for us to attend Seamless Asia 2019. We attended many relevant talks and checked out some of the product offerings that were on display. Some of the things we learnt:

It was interesting that one of the speakers mentioned that "human is the new POS"(sic) . With most people and companies adopting a "mobile-first" mindset, it does actually make sense. People can peruse a myriad of options online and place their orders almost immediately. They then choose the most convenient mode of payment - obviously through their phone -  and any transaction that has taken place can automatically be recorded and analysed.

The rise of apps such as DBS PayLah!, OCBC Pay Anyone and PayNow have made real-time payments the norm. There is no longer a need to fumble in your bag for spare change, or worry that your moocher friend might never pay you back for all those meals you paid for first.  Butleric's Everyday Business Super App hopes to make the payment process equally efficient and convenient for all users.

Of course, no tech conference would be complete without some words from the people at GovTech. In a presentation that was similar to the GovTech briefing we attended last month, the speaker touched on the push towards a National Digital Identity (NDI) - starting with the adoption of initiatives such as SingPass Mobile, which roughly 17% of Singaporeans have adopted.  With the NDI, the long-detested process of having to fill in countless forms and go through endless bureaucratic hoops across  various government agencies will come to an end.

How lucky are we to be living right smack in the middle of Southeast Asia, with its high potential for growth and new opportunities? We currently have clients in Malaysia and upcoming collaborations with Indonesian SMEs. Did you know that Indonesia is leading AI adoption in the ASEAN region? We believe that Butleric's solutions can definitely help close any gaps that businesses in our neighbouring countries are facing . We also attended a talk about driving adoption at the bottom of the pyramid, with regards to Cambodia - a possible next target. Wing Cambodia provides financial inclusion (another hot topic at Seamless!) to the unbanked and underbanked - a noble cause indeed! It is amazing how technology has provided even those living in rural areas with access to the same resources as the rest of the world. Is it society's equaliser - the solution to problems such as income inequality? One can only hope.

Overall, it was a fruitful experience which provided us with new insights and a fresh perspective on topics that we were already curious about, but possessed minimal knowledge of. Who knows, perhaps you will get a chance to see Butleric on stage next time!

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