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November 12, 2019

Imagine this. It’s lunch hour in the CBD. You own a little cafe or stall selling coffee. Business isn’t too shabby, but you have a lot of competitors who are doing just as well, if not better. You observe the people who are buying your coffee, but they are unfamiliar faces - the next day, you watch helplessly as they get their daily dose of caffeine somewhere else. You sigh, wondering if there is any way to gain an edge over your rivals.

That’s where AI comes in. Here are 3 reasons why your F&B business should adopt AI:

  1. 66% of customers say instant/on-demand engagement is very important to win their business. (Source: Salesforce Einstein)

If customers see you as just another generic coffee shop, then it is quite unlikely that they will feel a need to return. However, find a way to meet their needs immediately - in this case, by offering their usual iced kopi siu dai to get through the day at a discounted rate - and they will become regulars. Address them by name, know their favourite order by the time they arrive … and if they have any e-vouchers/cashback value/promotions to redeem, know the exact value and ask them right away if they’d like to use it . Butleric’s Everyday Business Super App will do the job for you - and even keep them entertained with a customised game as they wait for their drink !

 2. You can find out what customers think about your restaurant : positive sentiments, complaints can even pick up signs of food safety issues.

   It’s every restaurant owner’s nightmare - an outbreak that lands your customers in hospital and forces you to stop your business for an indefinite period of time while investigations are under way. In more serious cases, deaths could occur and you might have your business license revoked. Hence Chick-fil-A’s genius idea : using AI to identify keywords and customer sentiments from across various social platforms, but with a focus on spotting signs of foodborne illness - which it can do with 78% accuracy. From there, restaurant owners will receive push notifications if something seems amiss, and can choose to privately contact customers who have posted about such issues.

With Butleric’s AI solution Bibi, you can track what your customers are saying about your brand and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. You can also predict future sales trends - if the data shows that sales of your limited edition caramel macchiato will continue to go through the roof, it might be worth making it a mainstay on the menu.

3.  Inventory management doesn't have to be a pain anymore.

We get it, stock-taking isn't exactly on anyone's list of fun things to do, but it's a necessity. Imagine if the entire process could be much time and effort you'd save...leaving you free to complete more important, urgent tasks. When stock is running low, you'll get notifications informing you that it's time to replenish certain items.

With F&B businesses forming the majority of our clients, trust us when we say we know what you need to transform your business into the Next Big Thing. With Butleric's Everyday Business Super App and fully white-label AI enterprise solution, Bibi, no one else comes close. Drop us a message or check  our Facebook page for updates!

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