Commerce Platform for F&B and Retail Owners

Butleric is an award-winning AI Commerce platform which helps merchants to create new sales channels, acquire customers and retarget with marketing strategies, providing a full suite of rewards and prepaid program.

Proven system to help merchants increase revenue.

Gain an edge over your competitors who are still using a legacy POS system or different vendors to cater to different aspects of their business! With Butleric, everything you need is right at your fingertips, on just a single platform.

Products we offer

Everyday Business Super App

Go from offline-to-online (O2O)

Create your own Everyday Business Super App with great features to engage your customers. You will have better understand of your customer's preference, identify them easily in store and online with Butleric's technology and even increase conversion with recommender system generated from Butleric's machine learning models.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Spending today!

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Smart Point-of-Sale (POS)

Dual Touch-Screen with Customer Engagement

Smooth, seamless customer payment experience with a personal touch - Run marketing campaigns with rewards and prepaid program.

PDPA and GDPR Compliant

Put your mind at ease with data protection policies in place.

Powered by Google Cloud

The same cloud technology which runs Youtube, G Suite and the Google search engine.
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AI Enterprise Solution

Highly Customisable

Collect valuable customer data seamlessly with our unique AI algorithm.


Value-for-money and consumes little ready-made AI API
in the market.


Actionable and accurate reports to help you
predict future sales trends.
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Kitchen Display & Queue System

User-friendly and Organised

Real-time information to manage kitchen operations efficiently.

Reduce Wastage

Eliminate the usage of kitchen chits.

High Efficiency

Service efficiency: alert customers easily when their items are ready for collection.
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Problems We Are Solving

#1 Too many silo systems

Sounds familiar? This is the top 1 issue that almost all merchants shared with us about their current silo systems. It is very tough to analyse for the business when the data is not sync. What if today there is a Platform that has POS, Member Rewards Program, Inventory management, Online Purchasing, Delivery, Accounting Software, etc all integrated?

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#2 Human error for payments

It is a trend that many merchants prefer cashless payments now. However, it is causing lots of human error, especially in a busy day. Ever selected Visa but customer is paying Master? Or customer scan payment QR and keyed in amount wrongly? This is how our integrated payment POS is able to minimise these inevitable human errors.

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#3 Raw data report

As a business owner, it is a pain to look at raw data. It is time consuming, not able to know the business trend on the fly and very often require very much effort to put these data into visuals. This is also the reason why we create actionable reports with different diagram. Business owner can now save time and make business decision quicker.

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#4 How to get more sales?

Who doesn't want more sales? What if today you can bring your shop to online, without paying high commission? Everyday Business Super App will help you in this. With our White Label Super App, end users now can pre-order even before they come to your shop! Most importantly, there's an option for you to collect payment first.

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#5 How to engage with existing customers?

It is 60% - 70% cheaper to retain regulars than acquiring new customers, we all know that. But the challenge is how do you retain your regulars? With our marketing tools, easily you can engage your regulars with broadcast SMS and pushing promotions to the Everyday Business Super App. As an advantage, we have taken care the PDPA for you already.

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Highly Customisable

This template uses such features as Global swatches and Symbols. It gives you the ability to customize the template for your need easily and fast.

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Our Company Mission and Vision

Our vision is to create tangible and intangible value for our clients, consumers, partners, investors and employees. We aim to be an award-winning AI Platform-as-a-Service IPO company by 2023.

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